Desktop Air Shower Fan F100

Price: $69.99

The BONECO F100 is the perfect light weight, compact, desktop friendly personal fan. This personal fan can be set for a light air shower feeling to keep you cool throughout the day or set more intensely for a more direct cool. The BONECO F100 comes with three speed settings that are indicated with LED lights. This model is perfect for a desk, nightstand, or any other direct work space.

The BONECO Air Shower Fans are designed to be more than just a high, medium and low setting cooler. Each Air Shower Fan has varying speeds and intensities to give you a cooling that can keep away heat or just make the room feel circulated. With these custom settings, you can keep any small space cool, crisp and comfortable.

The F100’s air circulation keeps your small space feeling fresh and removes that stuffy feeling that can come from being in a small office, dorm room, or bedroom. The F100 is easy to set up and easy to use, making it a no brainer for your personal fan choice. Despite its small design, this fan is capable of high output and just the right amount of cool. The F100 is easy to clean and manage with its removable blades. With a brand like BONECO, you know you’ve got the best in high quality air care and cooling.

Product Features


  • High quality circulation control and our original Air Shower sensation.
  • Easy to use with 3 speeds and LED display.
  • Compact size perfect for desktops and personal use.
  • Easy maintenance with easy to remove blade.
  • Trusted high quality design and engineering.


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