Air Shower Fan F120

Price: $89.99

The Boneco F120 is your go to fan for your bedroom or any other mid sized room! The Boneco quality engineering promises superior air flow, keeping your room cool and fresh feeling. The fan head can also be turned up to 270 degrees for the ultimate air shower sensation! Perfect for a shared room or can be pointed directly at yourself for continuous cooling. Not only this, but the F120 has three different air speeds to choose from. It’s easy to use design makes it the perfect high quality fan for anyone at any age, and its modern design makes it blend-able¬†with any decor or can be subtly tucked away.

Boneco’s air shower fans are designed and engineered with the same Swiss technology that has been used for years, so they all come with a quality you can trust. The air circulation of the F120 and all the other models is superior to your standard home fan and with its high air volume and rotating head, you get that fresh air shower feeling every single time. This constant showering feeling of fresh, clean air can cool down a room on a hot day or just keep it feeling comfortable 24/7.

Product Features


  • Modern yet subtle design
  • High volume, high quality air circulation.
  • A rotatable fan head of 270 degrees
  • Easy to use with 3 speed control
  • Short size makes it perfect for a floor-space or even a desk or table.
  • Comes with the original Boneco Swiss design and engineering you know and trust.


AZ Vacuums is a premier seller of Boneco products. We sell the F120 in store. We can help you with any questions you may have about the product including product overview, how to use it, its filtration properties and health benefits. 

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