Air Shower Fan F210

Price: $129.99

The Boneco F210 is the fan of choice if you’re looking for something slightly bigger than our personal fan but smaller than our mod sized fans. The F210 is ideal for desktops, counter tops, or even floors in small rooms. This fan comes with a rotatable head of 270 degrees so you can fill the room with fresh, high volume (or low volume) air. You can also point it directly at yourself to keep cool while sleeping, studying, or anything else! The F210 comes with four adjustable speeds and is easy to use! This whisper quiet fan will even out cold spots, remove warm spots and leave your small space feeling cool and comforting. The modern design makes this fan subtle and easy to blend with any home decor! You’ll barely know its there!

Boneco promises high quality air circulation for all your cooling needs. From our personal fans to our tall standing fans, you’ll always get the high quality Swiss engineering and design you’ve come to expect from Boneco.

Product Features


  • Modern design subtle enough to blend in with your decor
  • High quality air volume and circulation for the best in air flow.
  • A 270 degree rotatable fan head.
  • Easy to use model with four speed settings
  • Perfect for desktops or floor spaces in small rooms
  • Boneco’s standard Swiss design and engineering you know and trust


AZ Vacuums is a premier seller of Boneco products. We sell the F210 in store. We can help you with any questions you may have about the product including product overview, how to use it, its filtration properties and health benefits. 

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