Air Shower Fan F220

Price: $159.99

The BONECO F220 is here to take your living room or open floor plan to new heights! Literally! This model is height adjustable! Not only that, the F220 can be rotated up to 270 degrees so it can rotate and blow cool air throughout your space or be centered in one direction. You can expect multiple air speeds in this easy to use model! Perfect for cooling down the room on a hot day or just keeping it comfortable all the time! The F220 air shower fan is truly perfect for any scenario. No more warm or cold spots, no more stuffy rooms! This heigh adjustable fan is easily stored in any corner of the room and is subtle enough to go with any home decor. It can be adjusted to a height of 49cm or 85cm. This fan is ideal for open spaces and mid size to larger rooms. The F220 is easy to assemble and take apart for matinence. 

These air shower fans, no matter which model, are all powered with multiple air speeds and high to low volume breezes. User friendly for any age. You can always expect high quality design and engineering from Boneco’s best.

Product Features


  • Modern and easy to use design – Trusted Boneco Swiss design and engineering
  • High and low volume air settings for cooling or comfort
  • Fan head can rotate up to 270 degrees
  • Adjustable height for higher accuracy or subtle stowaway
  • Four levels of speed easily accessed with a single knob
  • Easy assembly, easy matinence


AZ Vacuums is a premier seller of Boneco products. We sell the F220 in store. We can help you with any questions you may have about the product including product overview, how to use it, its filtration properties and health benefits. 

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