Boneco Air Fans

We’ve compiled the best of the best when it comes to Boneco Air Fans. Boneco is brand you can trust and has variety you’ll love. It’s all the latest in technological advancements and air quality purification. Our air fans come at a price you’ll love and are the go to for your specific high quality air fan needs.

Personal Fan F50

This personal fan is exactly what you need for refreshing clean air in a small space. The F50 personal fan is great for home offices, small rooms, dorm rooms, apartments and anywhere else a small personal fan is required. Great for placing on counter tops, desks, nightstands, or on side tables! 

Desktop Air Shower Fan F100

This Desktop Air Shower Fan is the perfect small fan to cool down your living room, bedroom, nursery, or home office! Feel showered in cool, clean air when you set the F100 in motion!

Air Shower Fan F120

The F120 Air Shower fan takes the quality and power of the F100 fan and changes the games! Feel showered in cool, high quality air with a fan that is easy to use, whisper quiet, and cools down a larger living space, home gym, master bedroom, apartment space and more!

Air Shower Fan F210

This F210 Air Shower fan has a more subtle design than it’s F120 sibling. Enjoy the same high powered cooling quality but in a smaller, easier to hide package! Perfect for studio and 1 bedroom apartments as well as bigger bedrooms and home offices!

Air Shower Fan F220

This is the ideal Air Shower Fan for large office spaces, apartments, and large rooms in the home. This model comes with a taller stand so that you can get the best quality cooling in your home or work space. Despite being taller, this modern design blends in well with any decor!

Air Shower Fan F230

The Air Shower Fan F230 is the perfect fan for open floorplans, master bedrooms, classrooms, open work spaces and more! This Air Shower fan has master quality and cooling power to keep your space feeling cool and clean always! The tall F230 model makes for easy access to every inch of your open space!

If you have any questions about Boneco Fans or any of our other products please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop on by our store!