Classic C1 HomeCare


The classic C1 Homecare powering vacuum is a cannister vacuum with a punch! This cannister vacuum comes with a powerful electrobrush for all types of floor cleaning: tile, laminate, wood, carpet, and more! It comes with a 1200 W high suction power, for a thorough clean. It is adjustable for your height and comfort while vacuuming. 8t can effortlessly clean an area of with a radius of 29.5 ft! Cannister vacuums are great for large spaces such as multi story houses with lots of people and pets. The classic C1 cannister vacuum with height adjustment will make your floors sparkling clean, without hurting your back while you operate it! Easy to take apart and remove waste from the cannister after its full with a lifetime guarantee!

Product Features

• Height Adjusting

• 1200 W suction power

• 29.5 ft operating radius

• Electrobrush for intensive cleaning



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