H300 Hybrid Humidifier and Purifier


Introducing the high performing, energy efficient, easy to use HYBRID H300! This hybrid model is perfect for large spaces, allergy sufferers, children, those with breathing difficulties, and just for cleaner, purer air quality. The integrated sensor of the H300 Hybrid Humidifier and Purifier measures the humidity of the room it is operating in and adjusts its output accordingly! The hybrid H300 is truly the perfect humidifier/air purifier for your home, office space, or anywhere else!

The H300 can be used directly using the control knob or the BONECO app via Bluetooth! Simply set the desired humidity per your preferences, and the H300 will output a comfortable clean that you’ll love. The H300 can be set for higher humidity or stronger purification based on the weather or allergens you wish to eliminate. Perfect air quality is now accessible at the push of a button. This hybrid model even includes a comforting sleep setting and a baby setting for ultimate protection for your little one. You can also place your favorite scent into the fragrance container to fill the room with a pleasant smell as well as clean air.

The H300 is easy to operate, as well as easy to clean! You can put the removable filter parts into the dishwasher rather than washing by hand. This hybrid filter is eco friendly, user friendly, easy to clean, and goes above and beyond for the perfect clean. You’ll never have to worry about pesky allergens, uncomfortable air, or pollutants ever again with the H300 Hybrid Humidifier and Purifier! 


Product Features


  • 3-in-1 hybrid device: Choice of operating as a Humidifier, Purifier, or both
  • Natural humidifying with a high-capacity filter to improve your overall well-being
  • Incredibly easy to clean washing machine and dishwasher safe Components
  • Low power consumption
  • Automatic shut-off when water base is empty (red AUTO LED)
  • Convenient handling thanks to the direct filling of the water base
  • Easy to control using the control knob, six performance levels for individual settings and preset comfort mode for optimum humidity
  • High-quality components with a long service life
  • Fragrance container for the use of essential oils


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