H680 Hybrid Humidifier and Purifier

Price: $999.99

 The H680 truly does it all! It can be used as a Humidifier, Air Purifier or both! The H680 is a one of a kind hybrid model. The air-cleaning output of the H680 goes up to 120 CFM and its humidity output goes up to 6.34 gal a day. This hybrid humidifier is perfect for larger spaces such as offices, entire apartments, homes, privates practices and so much more! The H680 can clean a radius of up to 1614 sq. ft. You can expect a perfect clean every single time.

 With the H680, you get the best of both worlds! Air humidification and air purification all at once! With the HYBRID filter and the evaporator mat, the H680 eliminates pet dander, outdoor pollutants, and so much more! You can also expect the H680 model to dispel bad odors, dangerous toxins, smoke, and other unwanted threats to your oxygen. 

The H680 model is also great for homes with new babies! Keep your hybrid humidifer and purifier in your babies room or near it to cleanse the air of any harmful pollutants and bacteria you don’t want anywhere near your little one. For severe allergy sufferers, the H680 is a no brainer that will erase pet dander, smog and pollution, and other allergens caused by plants and so forth. 

This hybrid model is easy to use, is whisper quiet, and comes in a beautiful, subtle design that won’t stick out within the confines of your home, office, or wherever the H680 is being used. You can easily install and adjust to your desired settings as you carefully tuck it away to do its best work. You can’t go wrong with a hybrid model that can purify and humidify all at once or seperately!

Product Features

  • 3 Filters to choose from: Allergy, Baby or Smog
  • CLEANING MODE for easy cleaning
  • Beautiful Design
  • Digital display with ease of use functionality
  • Low energy use
  • Remote Control
  • 3-in-1 hybrid device: Choice of operating as a Humidifier, Purifier, or both
  • High humidification capacity up to 1614 sq. ft., high clean air delivery rate



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