Boneco Hybrid Humidifiers & Air Purifiers

We’ve compiled the best of the best when it comes to hybrid humidifiers. Boneco hybrid humidifiers and air purifiers: A brand you can trust and variety you’ll love. It’s all the latest in technological advancements and air quality purification. Our hybrid models give you more bang for your buck and are the perfect choice for your specific air quality needs.

H300 Hybrid

This easy to clean, easy to operate hybrid humidifier is exactly what you’re looking for. This humidifier sets the humidity of the room to comforting levels based on your setting choices while also cleaning the air quality at the same time. Perfect for restful sleep and eleimiating allergens! 

H680 Hybrid

This is the ideal humidifier/air purifyer for large office spaces, apartments, and large rooms in the home. You get the best of both with impressively clandestine air purfification and comforting humidity control. Comes with a remote control, air humidity sensor, filter, and even reminders when to change the water!

If you have any questions about Boneco Hybrids or any of our other products please do not hesitate to give us a call or stop on by our store!