P500 Air Purifier


 The P500 model Air Purifier issafe for your little ones, those who suffer from outdoor and indoor allergies, and even protects your air from smog pollution! The P500 is the perfect air purifier for your bedroom, a nursery, home office or guest room! Despite it’s sophisticated design, the P500 is actually very simple to use! And with the P500 comes a standard allergy filter!

The P500 is the ideal filter for those with outdoor, seasonal, or pet allergies. Not to mention individuals with asthma or other breathing difficulties.Did you recently bring home a new baby? The P500 is a perfect filtration system to put in your little ones room! Say goodbye to harmful impurities and other unwanted pollution in your babies room with the P500 hard at work!

Choose the P500 air purifier if you live in an apartment, studio, or dorm room! Any pesky allergens and harmful pollution won’t stand a chance here! We promise you’ll breathe easier knowing the mighty P500 air purifier is making your space clean and safe for all its inhabitants! 

Not to mention, the P500 model is economically friendly with its low energy use! Cleaner air, cleaner energy, happy you! The P500 cleanses your space of harmful allergens and pollution while staying whisper quiet without using too much energy! Simply install the easy to use P500 air purifier and notice the difference instantly!

Product Features

• 3 Filters to choose from: Allergy, Baby or Smog

• High Output Cleaning

• Beautiful Design

• Digital display with ease of use fuctionality

• Low energy use

• Remote Control


AZ Vacuums is a premier seller of Boneco products. We sell the P500 in store. We can help you with any questions you may have about the product including product overview, how to use it, its filtration properties and health benefits. 

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