Boneco Air Purifiers

Here we have the best of the best when it comes to air purifiers! Boneco Healthy Air purifiers are the latest in air purifying technology and come in multiple varieties for any lifestyle. Perfect for families, pet owners, smokers, or those who live in areas of high smog pollution.

P400 Air Purifier

 The P400 model Air Purifier is baby safe, perfect for allergy sufferers, and even has a smog setting! It is ideal for smaller rooms, such as a nursery, a home office or bedroom. This model is easy to use and quietly operates either out in the open or tucked away subtly. It even comes standard with an allergy filter!

P500 Air Purifier

The P500 Air Purifier is an award winning triumph in air purifying technology. The P500 is ideal for families, allergy sufferers, city dwellers and smokers. It is almost completely silent when operating and is easily used with or without a remote control. Can function in auto, sleep or power mode to get the most convenient, energy saving or efficient air quality in the room. Settings for personal preferences such as Baby, Allergy, or Smog.

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