To start us off, what is Boneco?

Boneco is a brand of humidifiers from Air-O-Swiss that have become increasingly popular for use in the winter when the air is dry and cold. Boneco humidifiers promote a more comfortable indoor experience with cleaner air and a softer feel. It’s common for home owners to not realize the discomfort they may feel in their home during the winter months when the air they are surrounded in is dryer and less than ideal. Humidifiers can help purify the air they are surrounded in inside the house, and in turn, make it more allergy friendly, less dry, and more comforting. 

Next question, why choose Boneco over other humidifiers?

Boneco humidifiers are user friendly, quieter than most humidifiers, have high energy efficiency, and are fairly priced. In addition to these fan favorites, Boneco humidifiers also offer a high moisture output, are long lasting, have automatic humidity control on most models, can be operated digitally or manually, come with programmable timers, include warm and cool most options, have internal ant-microbial germ protection, and come with water refill indicators. 

Not only are these Boneco humidifiers efficient, easy to use, and generous in their features, but they also come in a variety of styles to blend in with any decor and become practically invisible in any room of the house.

Boneco Humidifiers come in varying sizes, from small and portable, to as large as 650 square feet! 

Of all the Boneco Humidifiers, the AOS 7135 model is the most popular.  The AOS 7135 model comes with warm and cool mist options for your convenience, as well as a humidity display and easy to use digital controls. This model also features automatic humidity control, timer operation, and antimicrobial germ protection. The AOS 7135 is recognized as one of the best humidifiers on the market for its high quality moisture output, energy-efficiency, low noise level, and hard water resistance.

To really tell each Boneco humidifier apart, you can break them down into several categories including: cool mist-only models, ultrasonic cool/warm mist models, and air washers.

Boneco Model Breakdown

Cool Mist Humidifiers:

Cool mist humidifiers disperse invisible cool mist throughout the room and are more energy efficient because the water does not need to be heated.

Ultrasonic Cool and Warm Mist Humidifiers:

With these Ultrasonic cool and warm mist humidifiers, you have the choice between a warm or cooler mist temperature to adhere to the feel of the room. These humidifiers are the quietest of the collection because the frequency that they emit is higher than the human ear can hear.

Air Washers:

These hybrid humidifiers purify the air while they humidify, giving you the best of both worlds. These are perfect for homes that are affected by pet dander and other harmful allergens

Let’s take a minute to ask, what separates an air washer from an air purifier?

Air washers, like their name, clean the air as they purify it. Meaning all the pet dander, allergens and other harmful airborne particles are being removed as the Boneco operates. While air washers are a dual power, they are actually not as powerful as an air purifier Air purifiers are better at cleansing the air of bigger particles and allergens that pollute the room and have more strength. 

What about cleaning and upkeep?

Boneco humidifiers do  require some maintenance to keep them operating at their best and to keep your air clean and purified. It is important to keep your Boneco regularly cleaned to prevent bacteria build up and to prevent dirt and allergens from being recirculated back into the room, causing stuffier air and sometimes illness. It is suggested that the best way to clean your Boneco humidifier is to empty the water tank and use a soft-bristled brush along with a mild cleanser (such as soapy water) to clean the inside. Some Boneco models are auto set to remind the user that it is time for a cleaning so that you don’t put it off until you start to experience the negative effects of negligence.

Most models will also need replacement parts after an extended period of use. The demineralization cartridge needs to be replaced every two to three months. The demineralization cartridge removes certain minerals from the water that will turn into white dust without it. It is very important to get this replaced when the time comes because white dust can have a very negative effect on the lungs. It is also recommended to use distilled water rather than drinking water or water from the sink, as distilled water has far less minerals.

In Conclusion

Now you know just about everything there is to know about the Boneco humidifier. Based on the information shared above, this should give you some insight as to what kind of model is best for you depending on your lifestyle and the other inhabitants of your home.

Happy humidifier hunting!