ROIDMI was founded in 2015. It started as car accessory manufacturing then turned to focus on designing the best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. 

As a company of Xiaomi ecosystem, ROIDMI are now available in over 60 countries around the world, earned 103 technical patents and 6 design awards. 

ROIDMI S1 Special $399.99


    • ROIDMI S1 Special MSRP $399.99
    • Up to 50 minutes run time on standard mode, 10 minutes on max mode, 2.5hrs to fully charge.
    • Ultra Light Weight 3.3lbs
    • Brushless Digital Motor spins at 100,000rpm to produce 120 Air Watts of suction
    • Bin Capacity .41L / 13.5 oz
    • Lithium-ion Battery 2200mAH/65Wh, 8 cell
    • 415 Watts of power generated by the motor.

    VS Dyson V8

          • Dyson V8 Absolute MSRP $449.99
          • Up to 40 minutes run time, 7 minutes with power head on max mode, 5hrs to fully charge.
          • Light Weight 5 lbs
          • Dyson V8 Digital Motor spins up to 107,000rpm to produce up to 115 Air Watts of suction.
          • Bin Capacity 18.2 oz
          • Lithium-ion battery 6 cell
          • 425 Watts of power generated by the motor.