Best Vacuums for Pet Hair

Of all the things your vacuum is due to face, the most ongoing challenge is that wonderful collection of pet hair your fur child is accumulating as the days go by. It’s probably even worse if you are the proud owner of a few dogs, a cat and maybe even a free roaming rabbit. We love our pets, and the joy they bring us, but not so much that sweater of fur that lines the couch or weaves itself into the carpet. And if you or someone in your family suffers from pet allergies, this can be an ongoing problem. Vacuuming regularly not only reduces the amount of pet allergens in the air, but makes your floors and furniture look more polished and less…fuzzy. But not all vacuums are created equal, so how do we know what vacuum cleaner will work best to remove that unwanted pet hair shedding? Lucky for you, we’ve done our research and have lined up the best vacuum cleaner types and brands for removing pet hair! Read on to find out what vacuum works best for you!

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are perfect if your home consists mostly of rugs and carpet. This classic vacuum cleaner’s upright position makes it easier for the machine to suck up your pets hair from between each fiber, giving you a thorough clean. Examples of quality upright vacuum cleaners are as follows:

Sebo Dart

The SEBO Dart comes with a .92-gallon, three-layer filtration bag. This filtration bag is eco-friendly and convenient for users with fewer replacements and need to empty out the contents. The bag comes with a hygienic cap to prevent inhalation of dust and other vacuums contents when replacing the bag or cleaning it. Innovative Exhaust Filter –The SEBO Dart comes with an innovative exhaust filter that keeps the bag cleaner than traditional filters and with its high quality motor system, the SEBO Dart is almost completely whisper quiet. The SEBO Dart comes with a three-step, S class Filtration system with a pre-motor filter, a three-layer Ultra Bag, and a eco-friendly, hygienic exhaust micro-filter.

Sebo Felix Rosso

The SEBO Felix Rosso is an upright, lightweight, German engineered vacuum. The SEBO Felix Rosso vacuum cleaner comes installed with interchangeable heads to cover every surface, from tile to carpet to laminate and wood floors! The ET-1 Powerbrush cleans deep without damaging or scuffing surfaces. The swivel neck  of the SEBO Felix Rosso allows for cleaning in hard to reach places without having to rearrange your entire space. With multiple aggression settings, the Felix Rosso can adjust for a deeper clean, or a gentler clean. The SEBO Felix vacuum cleaner can rotate from 90° vertical and 180° horizontally with a less than six inches in height. You don’t have to work in a grid system any longer! You can get under those hard to reach places, like your bed, under the couch, or under a coffee table with ease!

Sebo X7 Vaccum

The Sebo Automatic X7  is an upright vacuum cleaner with an S-Class filtration system. The X7 model is computer controlled from the inside of the machine, making it more high tech than your average vacuum cleaner. The Sebo X7 can handle harder jobs on rougher surfaces or standard cleaning jobs like household dirt and dust in your carpet. With the Sebo X7 you get a deep, high quality clean on all your floors without damaging them. The X7 can handle carpet, tile, laminate, and wood floors!

Canister Vacuums

For the home with stairs, canister vacuums are a must. Canister canister and powerhead, making it simpler to carry from step to step. Your dog or cat is most likely running up and down the stairs (or napping on them depending on their size) following you from place to place, so expect some shed on your steps. Here are some canister vacuum cleaners that would be perfect for you:

Sebo D4 Canister Vacuum

The D4 filtration system is unmatched, keeping dust and harmful particles from resurfacing back into the air. The LED indicator monitors suction for the perfect clean on all of your surfaces. The suction hose comes with a 320° rotating canister that will increase airflow, and reduces the amount of clogs. The rubber coated wheels and bumper prevent the D4 vacuum from scuffing or damaging floors, walls, and furniture, should you bump into them while cleaning.

Sebo E1 Canister Vacuum

The SEBO E1 canister vacuum is a powerful cleaner, whisper quiet, lightweight, model with German engineered design that provides easy to reach clean, easy use and high quality, S-Class hospital-grade filtration. The SEBO E1 provides powerful suction, ensuring that you pick up every little bit of dirt, dust and pollutants. The E1 comes with a 37 ft cleaning radius, a large filter bag, three connected attachments, rubber-coated wheels, and a quick release tube. The SEBO E1 comes with a full bag or clog indicator, a easily controlled cord rewinder, and a foam bumper that prevents damage against furniture and walls.

Sebo E3 Canister Vacuum

The Sebo E3 has suction adjustment you can control from the handle to get the perfect clean for your surfaces. The ET-1 power head is adjustable and perfect for harder cleaning jobs such as crumbs and pet hair. The E3 comes with a full bag/clog indicator to prevent overheating and other damages. The E3 is ideal for families, pet owners, allergy sufferers and those with breathing disabilities such as asthma. The Sebo E3 is the compact cannister vacuum you can trust!

Stick Vacuum Cleaners

Stick vacuums are easy to store, are light weight, and are perfect in a pinch. For quick messes or small jobs, we highly recommend you have a stick vacuum on hand for a quick but effective clean. Some stick vacuums can convert into handheld vacuums, making them perfect for removing unwanted pet hair from your couch, chairs, curtains and so on.  The stick vacuum is a great back up and a perfect starter vacuum cleaner as well. This is our top pick for a stick vacuum cleaner that removes pet hair:

Triflex HX1 Cat & Dog SMML0

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

As aforementioned, the handheld vacuum is something you’ll want for sure when having a furry friend or two. These can clean away small messes, get between crevices, and clean areas that a regular upright vacuum can’t cover like your couch, chairs, curtains, or other fabric covered furniture. For removing crumbs, pet hair, and pet allergens, a handheld vacuum is the way to go. For allergy sufferers, sitting on furniture with cat or dog hair is torture, giving your seating area a run down with your handheld vacuum cleaner will make all the difference. The stick vacuums mentioned above, can also convert into handheld vacuum cleaners for an easy clean!

We hope our list of the best vacuums for pet hair was helpful! We love our furry friends, even if we don’t love their shedding. But the right vacuum cleaner can make all the difference! For the best selection of vacuums at even better prices, visit AZ Vaccums in store or online at For questions, send a message over to the folks at, or call 602-439-2751!